Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Most Popular Posts

To have an internet presence, writers are advised to post weekly in a blog, and to be active on Facebook and Twitter. I found it impossible to keep up with weekly blog posts. In fact in 2013, I took a 6-month break from blogging to concentrate on writing “The Last of the Marogs”. I was surprised to find that people continued to visit my blog and that some posts, written as far back as 2012, continue to be popular.
The 6 most popular are:
3.     GSATRanking and School Size (February 2014) 
4.     Books for Children by Jamaican Authors. I updated this post in August 2014. 
5.     Island Princess in Brooklyn (March 2012) This is a review of Diane Browne's book and an account of my reading of it at St. James Parish Library
 6.     Dyslexia  (February 2012)

 I target Jamaican readers in my posts but see that there is an audience for them in the Ukraine and Russia as well as Germany, France, the UK and the USA.
 Among the posts I would particularly like Jamaicans to read are:
  1. Guest Blog with Natalie Bennett  on the Granville Summer Programme. (July 2012)
  2. Dangers of Smoke and Smoking (August 2013)

  3. Thank you to my readers who have commented on my posts, and to those who have expressed appreciation. You encourage me to continue posting to promote the value and joys of literacy.

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