Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reading "Delroy in the Marog Kingdom" at Teamwork Prep School

View from Teamwork School
On Tuesday, February 11, 2014 I paid a visit to Teamwork Prep School, situated on Flower Hill Avenue, Coral Gardens, Montego Bay. The view from there is breathtaking.  However, my purpose was not to admire the view, but   to read from my book, DELROY IN THE MAROGKINGDOM, and from Jonathan Burke’s BOLO THE MONKEY, published by Blue MoonBooks. Latoya Wakefield came with me to get ideas for her own author presentations. She is the author of IRIE THE CATERPILLAR, which won Anansesem’s Best Short Story by an adult for
The frog is in the pot!
2013. (Anansesem is the Caribbean ezine for and by children .)

I read to a small group of children ranging in age from 6 - 11 years. Although Delroy in the Marog Kingdom is intended for children aged 9 - 13, the younger children, as well as the older ones, listened attentively. Perhaps my usual opening, asking two boys to play the parts of Delroy and Mario, putting the frog in the pot and clamping on the lid, caught their attention.
BOLO THE MONKEY was equally well well received by all the children. I paused at the end of the last sentence, “Just believe your dream and your dream will come…” “True,” they chorused. I reminded them that they,  like Bolo, will have to work to make it happen.
Reading Bolo the Monkey
February 14, 2014 is International Book Giving Day. Please consider donating one of these books to the school you attended. Delroy in the Marog Kingdom is available at Fontana Pharmacy and other outlets supplied by Novelty Trading. Bolo the Monkey is available at Sangsters. The copy I read to the children I have given to Latoya, to donate to the Granville Reading and ArtProgramme. If you are interested in donating any children’s books to that organization, you can drop them in Latoya Wakefield’s box, at Western Dental, upstairs in Baywest.  Presentations will be made at the Granville Health Centre 3:00 - 5:00  p.m.


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