Monday, July 9, 2012

No pen-name for me on Smashwords

I like my pen-name Billy Elm and it has several advantages, not least of which is that it is unusual. If you google Billy Elm, I will be up there on the first page. Unlike Helen Williams. There are at least 2000 of us in the N. American region. However, I can't produce any I.D. to say that I'm Billy Elm! I had to register with Smashwords as Helen Williams, as a result of which Delroy and the Marog Princess has to be by Helen Williams, both on the first page and on the cover. I have made this change at Smashwords, so hope I will now be eligible for their premium list.
       It is available at Smashwords for $5.99 and for the month of July is 25% off. When that offer closes, I will be putting it on Amazon. You can still download to your kindle direct from Smashwords. You can also have a sample read to see if you like it or if you think your 12-15 year-old would like it. The link to it is

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