Sunday, May 6, 2012

Children's Art and Writing

Prince Marming by Shelani
 My plan for May, which is celebrated in Jamaica as Child Month, is to feature children's pictures and writing. I have only one contributor so far, Shelani, aged 8. Her pictures are of Prince Marming who lives in a castle and rides a horse and of Princess Orea Rose who lives in a cottage. I am yet to hear the rest of the story.
Princess Orea Rose by Shelani

 If you have children's pictures which I could display in my 'Art Gallery', I would love you to send them to me. Chldren's writing would also be appreciated.

June 23, 2012
     I now have the rest of Shelani's story:

The Woodcutter's Daughter
   Once upon a time there lived a poor woodcutter and his poor wife. For many years they wanted a child and finally their wish came true. They had a baby girl. They named her Orea Rose. They barely had enough to eat. They lived in a cottage for many years. 
    They sent their daughter out to pick some strawberries to keep her out of the house because it was her sixteenth birthday. When she went out she saw a prince lying out in the sun in a faint. She picked up the prince and took him in her cottage and when he felt better she gave him some water. The prince and the girl fell in love and they got married and they lived happily ever after.

   This story is entirely Shelani's idea and is her own creative work. Here she is unaware that she is following the advice writers are given to write in the genre they like to read.  I am happy to see that it was Orea Rose who rescued the prince and not the other way around. I am led to wonder what other influences were at work both in her choice of subject and of language. My edits were limited to one spelling correction, one apostrophe and a few capitalizations. 
   Although Child Month is over, I would still welcome contributions of writing and art from children.


Melanie K Wood said...
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Melanie K Wood said...

Wasn't that a neat little tale? I find it interesting that she saw the girl as heroine rather than the usual fairy tale woe of girl-in-distress. Good for her!

Melanie K Wood said...

Sorry about the two posts - posting got confusing with the security measure to prove I'm not a robot! Then it made the first post look like my post needed to be censored or something!!

Helen said...

Thanks Melanie. Double posting has caught me, too, more than once!